Salcianu Elite Gymnastics
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Nevada's Only National Team Club. 


Home of Two-Time Jr. National Champion

Maile O'Keefe


Competitive Gymnastics

Womens USAG Jr. Olympic & Xcel Teams  •   TOPs, Hopes & Elite Training

The level of an athlete's training isn't as important as the process of their training—making promises to themselves and keeping them. 

At Salcianu Elite, we offer an unparalleled team training process and opportunity for athletes striving to reach their greatest potential.

We work hard. We sweat the details. We support each other, weaving a tight fabric of our gym family. We learn to persevere. Learn to fail. Learn to win.

We bring our best every day—time well spent. Start at Salcianu Elite—go anywhere!

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Recreational Gymnastics


It's well known that gymnastics is one of the most beneficial activities that young children can participate in. The benefits are documented and extolled in countless studies and research papers. But you don't need Ph.D.s to tell you all this. It just makes sense. Your kids will just tell you that it's fun to jump, spin and flip!—all the while gaining in strength, flexibility, body awareness, courage and confidence. There really is nothing like gymnastics—it makes kids better in just about anything else they do.

It's the reason we say "Begin Here. Go Anywhere."



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A Great Place to Grow

To Our Friends & Family

Salcianu Elite Academy of Gymnastics is a special place, with a long history of helping Athletes reach remarkable heights as they pursue their dreams. It's a beautiful journey. You can see the spark in they eyes of little ones who come through our doors—anything is possible for them. You can see it in in the smiles of our most decorated Champions—the knowledge that they've earned their recognition. We are honored to create a place where dreams are born, passionately pursued and realized. Along the way we discover something even more meaningful—friends and family that will last a lifetime.


Welcome to Salcianu Elite Academy of Gymnastics.